Funeral Home For Linstead

Linstead, St. Catherine- long ago, when someone died, especially in rural Jamaica, the body was either simply placed on ice or some salt and two clothes irons put on the stomach. The orifices were stuffed with cotton wool or nutmegs and burial was done quickly. However, these are modern times and in keeping pace with the latest trends in grief management more funeral homes are being opened in rural towns throughout Jamaica. Residents of Linstead may have noticed a new building under construction at 41 Grove Road (next to Commodore Cemetery).

This will be the location of Roberts Funeral Home and Services Ltd.
Manager/Director, Telbert A. “Herbie” Roberts, brings over ten years experience to the business, having practiced in New York. A licensed funeral director and board Certified Embalmer, he worked at House of Hills and Frank R. Bell Funeral Home in New York.

His interest in the business evolved as a result of meeting the operators of Lyn’s Funeral Home in Coleville, Manchester. He was very impressed by the quality of an embalmed body and decided to find out more about it. At that time, Mr. Roberts was an accountant, however, he changed his career and is now a funeral director.

Originally from the Golden Grove /Seafield area, near Guy’s Hill, St. Catherine, Mr. Roberts is a graduate of Dinthill Technical High School. He holds a Degree in Occupational Studies and Funeral Services from the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Services. He was also awarded a certificate of merit by his peers from the New York State Funeral Directors Association. The New Jersey State award in memory of the late James Boyer, an outstanding funeral director, was also awarded to him. Mr. Roberts has returned to Jamaica to “uplift the industry here”.

“Times are changing and although I have lived abroad for so long, on each trip home I have seen the need for a funeral home in the Linstead area,” Mr. Roberts said. The new facility will offer a wide range of packages to St. Ann, St. Mary, St. Catherine, Clarendon and the rest of the island.

Overseas Affiliates
Its overseas affiliates will handle the needs of Jamaicans living abroad. It will showcase the latest in casket display room, chapel, viewing room, modern embalming equipments and techniques. Reliable transportation will be provided using hearses. Eventually limousine service will be available for the immediate family of the deceased. Trained in psychology and grief management, Mr. Roberts is able to offer counselling to grieving relatives and friends when needed. Employment will be provided for several people from Linstead, business will be generated for local florists, printers, carpenters, upholsterers, photographers and others. In addition to funeral directing, Mr. Roberts is a notary public. He is married to Salome (Sally) and they have a teenaged daughter. The prevailing economic difficulties do not make him apprehensive about returning home at this time, he said, as he visited the island some 25 times during his sojourn aboard. “The response from the community to the propose funeral home is positive, so I am ready to face the challenge with confidence, trust and integrity,” he said.

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